*** WOLFGANG NIEGELHELL & LIPIZZANERFRANZL "PICKNICK with PANFLUTE" – Gourmet & Concert - Sunday, July 23rd 2017, 4:00 p.m., Lipizzanerfranzl Arena ***


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Wolfgang Niegelhell Office
Neudorfberg 78
A - 8211 Ilztal
Tel.: +43 (0) 664 4502171

Dear Fans and Friends! 

My upcoming project is a real world premiere, an innovative combination from panflute and dance:

As always I'm looking to seeing You there, my dear fans!

I'd like to invite You to visit our online fanshop! I especially recommend to You the DVD of my Schlossberg Graz OPEN AIR Event "Under Stars". See the trailer on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqEJ8n3qtsE 

"PanAttraction" is the title of my first instrumental album! 12 brandnew compositions - mystic melodies, emotional ballads and rhythmic-acrobatic tracks - and the traditional "El Condor Pasa" are waiting for You, my dear Fans! The title "PanAttraction" describes the magic power of my panflutes over me when I composed these melodies.
Like all my other fan articles the album "PanAttraction" can be ordered online in our fanshop
I'd like to meet You also at my performances on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.COM ! My music video "THE LONELY SHEPHERD - Der einsame Hirte" has reached already more than 400.000 clicks and beautiful comments - and they're becoming more and more! Actually there are TWO MORE MUSIC VIDEOS online for my fans: "SYRINX' TEARS", sited in a very mystic cave and"EL CONDOR PASA" where you can see me flying with Condors - click and relax! 
Have a a wonderful warm springtime with so many colourful flowers as those blooming in my fantasy, 

Wolfgang Niegelhell & "Amadeus", my guide dog

P.S.: Everything about our guide dog foundation activities on www.augenaufpfoten.at !

If you want to start your internet activities with Wolfgang Niegelhell please follow the link!

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