*** WOLFGANG NIEGELHELL & LIPIZZANERFRANZL "PICKNICK with PANFLUTE" – Gourmet & Concert - Sunday, July 23rd 2017, 4:00 p.m., Lipizzanerfranzl Arena ***

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Wolfgang Niegelhell Office
Neudorfberg 78
A - 8211 Ilztal
Tel.: +43 (0) 664 4502171
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After he was suddenly blindfolded at the age of 26 music became a most important part of Wolfgang’s life.

Beneath some classical voice training he learned to play keyboard, Styrian accordion, piano, flute and violin and – last but not least – the panflute.

It’s Wolfgang’s favourite instrument because by playing the panflute he can see again with his „inner eye“.

In the last years Wolfgang has become a well known panflutist, singer and songwriter.
His high-quality music arrangements combine panflute and voice in a very spezial individual way.

For Wolfgang it is very important to pass on a message to the audience with his songs.
Panflute, voice and music arrangement in his songs become a synthesis of the arts.

More than 7.000 pieces of his first own CD "Atlantis in Love"  have been sold by now.
The new album „Ich geb’ niemals auf“, the sacral CD „In Nomine Patris“ and the charity single „Wohin ich auch geh’“ are going to be as successful as "Atlantis in Love".

Wolfgang calls himself a painter painting with sounds instead of colours and composing „pictures“ full of harmony and emotion.

Music makes life visible!

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