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"Project Life"

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Wolfgang Niegelhell was born on February 23rd 1966 in Bludenz, Vorarlberg.

After childhood in the Styrian village Heiligenkreuz/Waasen he became an adviser for environmental problems for the local authorities in southern Styria and was well known for his overwhelming enthusiasm for the needs of mother nature.
He loved to work with children and teenagers, taught them awareness and respect for the environment.

At the age of 26 a stroke of fate changed his life completely.
During a walk he lost his sight completely within half an hour. Many operations following couldn’t save anything.

When he woke up after the last op Wolfgang asked his surgeons when they would take away the dressings to let him see again. When they told him that the dressings were already off and he would never see again his world broke into pieces.

He despaired of life and cried many hours.

He could hardly cope with the knowledge that he would never see the sun, the sea or the snow again and thought about suicide.

Back at home in the beginning there were only walls to bump into and Wolfgang had big troubles to find some orientation and a new way of living.

After a while he told himself: “Wolfgang, you have to help yourself!”

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