Colima - the guide dog

I’m greeting all my fans and friends with some wags of my tail and a big „Woof“!

This is my own new website I’ vo got from my owner Wolfgang because I have many fans too!

Cool, isn’t it?

Here I will tell you about my life, how Wolfgang found me, what we’re doing every day and what we do to give people some information about guide dogs and to help blind and visually impaired people who are in need of a four pawed partner too.

I was born in April 2002 in Southern Styria to a German Shepherd breeder. I’m of noble birth and my full name is „Colima of The Little Farm“. Wolfgang says my pedigree goes back to my grand-grandparents.

But this is not very important for us because for Wolfgang I’m the most beautiful, lovely and overall the best Shepherd dog. From my ancestors I’ve got a strong health, an intelligent brain and very much temperament.

My breeder kept me and my sister after puppyhood because we were the nicest of the litter and she wanted to breed with us.
But when I was ten months old my life changed completely.

A guide dog trainer visited my breeder. She was looking for a German Shepherd for guide dog training. She had the choice between me and my sister – and: She took me!

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