Colima - the guide dog

I said Farewell to my breeder and Hello to a new exciting life. But before I had to make some difficult tests. I had already proved that I liked people and other animals. I was also very curious and easy-going and got used to the urban environment quickly although with my breeder I had never been to town before.

I also had many veterinarian check-ups. The vets took many X-rays and an EKG,   made some blood tests, and even checked my reflexes. I was very happy when all this was over and I was ready for training at the Ilztaler REHA-Hundeschule.

First I learned to wear a spezial harness and to go straight ahead without pulling when my trainer took the handle. I learned the commands for going faster and slower and for turning right, left and around.

Then I learned to guide my trainer crosscountry and to show the curbs in a little village.

Then my trainer Maria allowed me to go shopping with her in market places. I learned to show the doors and the desk and to follow a shop assistant. I also learned to behave well in shops, offices and restaurants.

I learned to cross streets, to use pedestrian crossings, to show bus stops and to find a vacant seat form y trainer in busses and trains.

In the city I learned to deal with pedestrian precincts and shopping centers.

I also had to learn to find my way back home.

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