Colima - the guide dog

My trainer, me and the other guide dog colleagues worked in another place every day so we learned to quickly get used to new surroundings.

Everything was fine but then something awkward happened:

My trainer closed her eyes when we walked around and I had to take care so she didn’t bump into obstacles or fell over steps and hurt herself! She didn’t help me any more and I had to deal with the work in traffic all alone what I thought was very awkward and unfair of her. Later I understood because she did this.

Although my trainer didn’t help me any more I became better and better. Just before I began to feel bored again something exciting happened:
The day of my Guide Dog Quality Test had come!

My trainer was awfully excited but this was not necessary because I  did all my lessons without a problem. I only didn’t want to go with the blind tester because German Shepherds like me are generally fixed on their owners and don’t like to go with strangers. Any way I passed my exams with distinction.

My trainer began to look for a new owner for me. This was not very easy because German Shepherds like me are very vivacious and eager to work and we want to live with people who live an active life also.

Because my trainer couldn’t teach me new things any more I began to get bored:  But then one day some people visited the guide dog school. This was not very unusual because many people visited my trainer and looked for a guide dog. But there had never been one form e – until this moment:

I had heard that the new visitor had already met my guide dog colleague „Leni“, a Smooth Collie. But although „Leni“ had guided him very well he didn’t want a Collie. He definitely wanted a German Shepher – he wanted me!

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