A Foundation for Guide Dogs for the Blind!

First of all I want to thank my generous sponsors – in first place the charity organisation “Oberlandler” – who made it possible that within four months I as an early retired handicapped person was able to pay the prohibitive costs of € 25.000,- for my guide dog “Colima”.

If you didn’t experience a fate like mine you can’t imagine what I felt when after more than ten years with the help of “Colima” I was able to stroll through the woods on my own again, went shopping in the village or in the city.

To regain lost freedom and independence is an undescribable feeling and I never ever want to miss the skills, partnership and selfless love of my guide dog again.

I’m very lucky as I have many friends who made my dream of independence and mobility fulfill.
Many other visually impaired and blind people are not as lucky as I am, these people would like to have and indeed need a guide dog so much as a partner and mobility assistance in their everyday life but can’t pay the high costs.

As they are students, retired people or housewives ore simply shy they have no chance to be  supported by the government or private sponsors.
For these people I want to found a foundation to finance guide dogs because every visually impaired or blind person should have the same right on this precious mobility aid.

Better chances to find a job because of more mobility and flexibility and release of the health system of our government because of better health as you can move freely, faster and easier are only two out of many positive effects of a guide dog.

In my concerts and public performances on stage and in the media as a musician I will support this very important matter of concern.

I would be happy if you would support me so someday we altogether can guarantee mobility aid on four paws for every visually impaired person in need of a guide dog.

Wolfgang Niegelhell

Link to the account for donations

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